april 16, 2016



colab overskrift  

For decades researchers and change makers have studied the best leaders and the most innovative companies and what they do – and copies have been made. There have been countless studies on how they do it – and adaptions in behavior and strategies have been made. However, at this very moment in time we find ourselves at a crossroad, facing a new economy; disruptive change and dynamic complexity and the past of “what and how” are likely not to hold the answers to a sustainable future.

COLab is a laboratory for co-creation of future business & government excellence. COLab is a tailor made dialogue process that allows for the just right push from experience and enabling a strong pull from the future. In COLab the what and the how is a natural consequence, and the from where is front and center.

COLab is based on the combination of several transformational tools, with an especial emphasis on theory-U, world work and skills from the Co-Active toolbox.



COLab is available in two different styles, depending on the organizational needs.


Generational Dialogue – Millenials, X, Y & Z

A modern day Descartes might say; I tweet – therefore I am.

Would you like 10 genuine friends or 10 000 dedicated followers? – a perfectly sane questions in 2017.

PwC identifies five major drivers for the millennials. Forget the 9-5 schedules. If you want them to stay, offer training resources. Do not wait for the next annual review for feedback. Give them purpose beyond the bottom line. AND, the perks matter to.

How do one reward working less? Why don’t the millennials cope with balancing raising kids and delivering results? (Because they don’t have a stay-at-home wife and they actually define freedom differently). What is actually freedom then? What do actually the company values mean? Can vision and values actually be counter productive when viewed from substantially different perspectives?

Generational Dialogue challenges the Gen X executives and their (somewhat outdating) mental models and increases the millennials understanding of what created the company and how the old fashioned hard work still matter.

Generational Dialogue seeks to maximize company results by joining the capacities of two different generations – millennials/Z and Gen X/Y – with the alignment – and co-creation – new mental models and guiding values.


The True Learning Organization  

In the new market place, consumers and communities are  judging companies not by their profits, but by how they choose to operate. In the new work life, workers appreciation for meaningfulness and contribution is stronger than ever and increasing.

At the very same time businesses across the globe faces disruptive challenges and/or has to perform in another league to secure its survival.

To add to the challenge, last year Ernst and Young & HR Norway reported that trust in – and support from – company leadership is lower than ever and decreasing steadily.

These factors calls for a deeper way of communicating and learning within the organizational eco system. The True Learning Organization is a process and a meeting place for shareholders, board members, management and employees to meet, listen to each others stories, tackle the real issues facing the organization and co-create a more sustainable future.

The True Learning Organization process invites genuine participation from stakeholders from every part of the organizational system and views the employer on the front lines of the business and the executive in the c-suite as equals, making obsolete the limiting hierarchical mental model.


Availability & Requirements

  • Participation in COLab programs require both a personal and an organizational commitment to:
  • Excellence (honoring the attitudes of ambition and impact)
  • Experimentation (honoring the qualities of contribution and fun)
  • Exploration (honoring the values of openness, honesty and presence)



Gratitude to Anders Hov who shared his dialogue concept with our Wisdom Lab which became an enlivening and refreshing inspiration. He facilitated an open space for both individuals and the group to work through and stay with our vulnerability in creative energies. This helped create confidence, trust and clarity, aiding deep transformation moving us closer to the embodiment of wisdom which we are so profoundly reflecting on. Delving deeper into our core motivations we were challenged to feel our maximum point of discomfort for positive change. Anders is skilled in awakening us to our needs in the moment. Working for oneness with wisdom indeed.

Highly recommended!

Pamela Hiley, Co-Founder of Wisdom Lab Oslo


Br, Anders