juli 7, 2022

CX4 Advisory

 Communication. Collaboration. Conflict. Culture.

Welcome to Cx4, a solution that creates near instant performance and delivers a clear pathway to flow and profitable progress.

Partnering with Anders Hov and «Cx4 solution» allows leaders and entrepreneurs in multiple industries to discover new ways to navigate the changing performance environment and adjust accordingly.

Trained in Conflict Resolution in Apartheid-related work in South Africa, 4 years as a conflict mediator in the The Norwegian Mediation and Reconciliation Service and continued education in Norway and Canada, Anders’ engagement surpasses the norm when it comes down to making a difference in situations which requires swift and clear action.

  • There are already severe blind spots in your teams in terms of collaboration, communication and conflict
  • There are awkward silence, ignorance and conflict avoidance in your teams, often covered up by restlessness, over-positive behavior, going in circles and uneven work burdens.
  • You as a leader have severe blind spots in terms of your preferences, mental models, tendencies and habits

You need to apply the Cx4 Pathway Plan when:

  • When you need help, and outside counsel is the smartest move
  • When you need to grow awareness of high performance rapidly
  • When there is an high stakes need for performance in core teams of 2 – 8 people
  • When you are facing a high stakes project and you are doubting the teams ability to deliver
  • When there is a sudden and unexpected conflict crisis threatening progress and profitability
  • When there is need for a solid termination process with one or more employees
  • When you have a bad feeling about the team dynamics, but you can’t pin point what is wrong
The Cx4 Pathway Plan do not absolve or replace (bad) leadership, but solves the problems which leaders are not expected to solve, or in the many cases, where the leaders themselves are an integral part of the problem.  


«With the Cx4 Pathway Planyou can expect instant
interpersonal excellence and profitable progress»


With the Cx4 Pathway Plan you receive:

  • A qualitative assessment that builds the team
  • A three-page report containing the valuable third party description of the current situation and how to create profitable progress, including 3 concrete sections containing advice which gives you the arguments, talking points, theoretical and professional backing to move forward with confidence.
  • 1 extensive run through of the Cx4 assessment.
  • 1 restorative process where Anders Hov resolve conflict, restore relationships and returns the (team) relationships to a high performing state (available for two – eight people)



«Anders has the ability to turn a «lose-lose» scenario into a win for everyone»

– Co-founder and CTO in the Norwegian tech learning business