July 29, 2016

Transformative Dialogue


colab overskrift 

What is the key difference between leading from experience and innovating from the future?


For decades researchers and change makers have studied what the best and most innovative companies and societies do – and copies have been made. There have been countless studies on how they do it – and adaptions in behavior and strategies have been made. However, at this very moment in time we find ourselves at a crossroad, facing a new economy; disruptive change and dynamic complexity and the past of “what and how” are likely not to hold the answers to a prosperous and sustainable future.


COLab is the laboratory for unique co-creation of future business & government excellence. COLab is a transformation process that allows for the just right push from experience and enabling a strong pull from the future. Focus: Quality data – World class frameworks – Future oriented creation – Prototyping initiative.

COLab is available in four different styles, depending on your business/agency needs.


Multi Stakeholder Process

Boost innovation, product satisfaction and make the transition from quantity information to quality co-creation with your partners and/or end-user in the health care industry.

An example from one of our MSP-interviews.

A Norwegian health care manufacturer needs to produce the next big “thing” in the industry in order to survive the fierce competition in the expanding growing global market. What should they do? Produce minor improvements in existing product line or they copy an expensive Chinese patent. Or, they enter into a Multi Stakeholder Process with the public and private health care employees (nurses etc.).

The issue facing the health care manufacturer is that the nurses are convinced that the health care manufacturer in fact hate the elderly people and also want to take their (nurses) jobs away. On the other side, the technicians are convinced that the “nurses hate them” (direct quote).

At this point, the main person in this process, the end-user is forgotten. The end user is a person who in general needs personal contact, but at the same time loves the new robot shower that helps him avoid embarrassing and awkward situations.

A Multi Stakeholder Process is a way forward to ensure pride and contribution both for the end-user and the health care professional and is a effective way to optimize product development for a better future and forge alliances between manufacturer, health care resources and end users that can bring together rather than divide.


Generational Dialogue – social intrapreneurship for increased effectiveness and well-being.

A modern day Descartes might say; I tweet – therefore I am. Would you like 10 genuine friends or 10 000 dedicated followers? – two perfectly sane questions in 2016.

PwC identifies five major drivers for the millennials. Forget the 9-5 schedules. If you want them to stay, offer training resources. Do not wait for the next annual review for feedback. Give them purpose beyond the bottom line. The perks matter two.

Up the game for the Gen x executives by challenging their outdating mental paradigms, while further increase the millennials understanding of what created the company and how the old fashioned hard work still matter. How di one reward working less? Why don’t the millennials cope with balancing raising kids and delivering results? (Because they don’t have a stay-at-home wife and they actually define freedom differently). What is actually freedom then? What do actually the company values mean? Can vision and values then produce worse results?

Maximize results by joining the capacities of two different generations – millennials & Gen X/Y – with the alignment of the mental models and guiding values.


Innovation culture – moving from management development to developing an innovation culture.

If Christophe Columbus set to sea with one-degree error on his compass – where would he have ended up?

Create small and hugely impactful changes for a sustainable shift in the company culture by allowing for a transformational cultural process.

Why are the leaders the ones who are given the opportunity of development? Why is development a cost and not an investment in the accounts?

This process challenges the old paradigm that companies must develop their leaders with management training. This process allows for reducing cost of in-house and external development and engages the company intrapreneurs and workers on every level of the organization. The Innovation culture process invites to genuine participation from the employees and will make them say, “we did it our selves”.


Conflict Preparation Lab – New York. Paris. Brussels. Oslo?
How would 22nd of July be handled differently if a non-ethnic Norwegian individual had executed the attacks?

We can never be mentally prepared for a terrorist attack. However, we can prepare in the ultimate way possible.

What is the underlying challenges facing key first responders? What are the worst case scenarios that will be playing out after an attack, which is secondary to the attack itself?

The CPL places the conflict resolution model of the Norwegian Mediation Services into the future, and through a transformative dialogue set-up, we move a restorative justice approach into to a future-conflict preparation tool for first-responders and other key groups affected by a terror attack.


Availability & Requirements

  • COLab programs are available for highly dedicated leadership teams, internal resources and treasured collaborators, for dedicated top management/board of directors and government officials.
  • Participation in COLab programs require both a personal and an organizational commitment to:
  • Excellence (honoring the attitudes of ambition and impact)
  • Experimentation (honoring the qualities of contribution and fun)
  • Exploration (honoring the values of openness, honesty and presence)



Gratitude to Anders Hov who shared his dialogue concept with our Wisdom Lab which became an enlivening and refreshing inspiration. He facilitated an open space for both individuals and the group to work through and stay with our vulnerability in creative energies. This helped create confidence, trust and clarity, aiding deep transformation moving us closer to the embodiment of wisdom which we are so profoundly reflecting on. Delving deeper into our core motivations we were challenged to feel our maximum point of discomfort for positive change. Anders is skilled in awakening us to our needs in the moment. Working for oneness with wisdom indeed.

Highly recommended!

Pamela Hiley, Co-Founder of Wisdom Lab Oslo

Br, Anne & Anders